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All Aspects of Fencing Panels and Runs.

Expert Fencing Services from Tree Tech Solutions.

Tree Tech: The Experts in Fencing Services.


At Tree Tech, we are dedicated to providing top-tier fencing services that meet all your needs. Our services include custom orders, and we offer an array of fencing options including feathed-edge, waneylap and on-situ fencing runs.


Our workshop builds all panels, which are available in various styles and sizes.

We provide standard panel sizes or can create bespoke options to suit your specifications.

Our team can construct a complete fencing run on-site, tailored to your garden's specific requirements.We also offer heavy-duty gates complete with all necessary fittings and fixtures.


Need delivery? Don't worry – we offer a door-to-door panel and gate delivery service.

Experience the highest quality fencing services with Tree Tech today.


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